The Thorn Unforgiveness

Text: Matthew 18:21-35

Unforgiveness means refusing to let go of wrong or offense did to us by someone.
It is the twin brother of ‘anger’… Because anger results in unforgiveness, and when one refuses to forgive, he stays angry.

Many times, we don’t find it easy to forgive a person of a wrong done to us, we will say something like “What he did really pained me, I just can’t take it off my mind”. No matter what a person does to us, we should learn to forgive wholeheartedly even when it deeply hurt.
If you say you have forgiven a person for the wrong done to you, but whenever you remember that wrong you still feel hurt, then you are yet to forgive that person. When you forgive truly, you shouldn’t feel hurt within you whenever it flashes across your mind.

It is written, “…and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” If we want God our Father to forgive us, we should also forgive others.
Jesus said we should forgive seventy times seven, that means don’t stop forgiving. Someone can’t sit and start counting wrong, except such a person is jobless.
Unforgiveness hinders prayers from being answered by God.
Many homes, relationships, ministry, and marriages have been destroyed as a result of anger and unforgiveness.
“When we let go of wrong, we feel like a burden has been lifted off our heart, therefore learn to forgive wholeheartedly no matter how hard it may seem”.

I pray the Lord gives us the Grace to always forgive and forget. Amen.

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