The Race

From sports theory, A Race is a competition or contest between some set of people to achieve a common goal. In a race, some become weak, some faints, some get relaxed, some get distracted, some fall, while some keep moving and are focused till the end, which a prize is given to the winner and he or she is celebrated.

Also, for every race, there is a set time to start and to end it.

The journey of the Christian life is a race which has a victory prize at the end to those who win.

Brethren, we are on a race to achieve a goal which is heaven, and at the end of this race, we will receive our prizes. We all have a time or duration to run this race, once a person dies, his time is up, and his race has come to an end.

Some will start this race well, and they will end it badly, while some will start weakly and they will end it well. The question is, are we doing our best to win this race? At a point in our life can we say like Apostle Paul “I have done my best in the race.

When trials and temptation come our way, when people come our way, when flesh stands on our way, how hard do we fight it? Are we focused on the race? Or are we losing focus?

Prayer: Holy spirit, please guide me on this journey, and help me to finish well.

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