The Purpose Of The Word

The purpose of the Word is to help you manifest who you already are, not who the World tries to shape you into

Our lives as christians is not a game! It’s a reality! It’s a relationship between God (Christ & You) it’s a manifestation of kings and priests on earth. The testimonies which we have read in the bible are not myths! They are reality. Our fellowship with God is not a myth. It is truth! You fellowship with God and still work in darkness, it’s not possible! The bible says God is light and in him there is no darkness at all

Based on our fellowship with God, do you know you have been made holy, righteous, blameless through (The, talks about a defined spirit, not just any spirit but the Spirit of God) the Holy Spirit which you have received and you have been cleansed by his blood! 1peter 1 vs 2(NLT)

Paul said we are Christ ambassadors, representative of the invisible God. He also said God made him that was without sin to be sinful for us that we might then become the righteousness of God! Yes we are God’s righteousness(as our nature) see how beautiful God sees you. You are God’s glory and his handwork. He is Proud to fashion you unto Good works, he is not shy of you. He said it to the world Eph 2 vs 10.

You do this through faith in God’s son-Christ, not through your work’s or obedience to the law! It’s a gift God gave you to be so beautiful and pure through faith.

But you ask, How can I, God’s righteous one still don’t live like one? That’s why God gave you his word of Grace.
The purpose of God’s word is to build you up to help you manifest the real you.

You are holy but the word helps you manifest holiness! You are righteous but the word helps you manifest Righteousness on earth! You are a Christ ambassador but the word helps you manifest that on earth!

Meditation! Acts 20 vs 32

Prayer – Father thank you that through your Word I manifest my divine nature

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