KEY STATEMENT: Trust the process and marvel at the results, for the weaknesses you have today will be your greatest strength tomorrow. KEY SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 17:33-37

It’s amazing how God does things. The truth is He never changes, from ages that have been His style of dealing with humankind. Because if He doesn’t do that, man will trivialise Him and take the glory that is due to His name. The reason is simple; the bible says no flesh shall glory at His presence. 1 chor 1:29. What is the flesh? The flesh is anything that has its source other than the spirit of God. If we examine the lives of patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David etc., we see a sequence of Gods dealing in their lives. So the bible says in Rom 15:4 that the things that were written aforetime were written for our learning. So the fact is you cannot skip the process. The process is aimed at breaking you until your essence conforms to the prescription of the spirit of God. Let’s examine David a little. God had been taking David through certain dealings which we had no idea about. Not until he told us what has been happening behind the scene. Where God was training and teaching him through hardship, pain, suffering, risk of death etc., for the bible says Jesus learnt obedience by the things he suffered. So the process is meant to break and build you, to open dimensions of God in your life, to build strong conviction, faith and trust in the Lord, above all the process is to make you become one with Him where nothing else matters, it’s a place of total alignment and sacrifice to the will of God. Gen 22:1-2 & 10-13. God cannot use a man that has not to sustain the flexibility to go through the process and be broken for Kingdom business and Territorial take over. Trust and enjoy the process, for all things worketh together for good.

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