The Perfect Hybrids

Jesus was 100% God, 100% Man. This is why He is called the Son of God and also called the Son of Man. Jesus was everything God wanted Man to be. He is the better version of the first Adam


Lovers are Hybrids – Jesus was a Hybrid

Jesus the High Priest – Jesus is the mediator between God and Man even up till this day. He is constantly speaking on Man’s behalf to God. Hebrews 4:14-16

Jesus the Apostle – Jesus’ main purpose on earth was to establish the Kingdom of His Father. He was also given the ministry of reconciliation. Jesus was never satisfied with staying in a place. He constantly moved about establishing the Kingdom and knowledge of God everywhere He went. John 4:34, Mathew 6:10

Jesus the Evangelist – Jesus Evangelized the Kingdom of God like His life depended on it. Jesus often operated as an evangelist throughout His stay on earth. Mathew 3:2

Jesus the Pastor – Definition of Pastor
I’m the good shepherd scriptures. Jesus was often known for caring for those around Him and with Him. He often catered for their needs asides from preaching to them about the Kingdom of God.

Jesus as a Prophet – Who is a prophet? A prophet is someone who represents God to the people. He speaks on behalf of God to the people. A person who is a discerner of the mind, thoughts, and Will of God and effectively communicates this to the people. There was no greater prophet than our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus the teacher – Rabbi! Rabbi! Which means teacher. Jesus was often called Rabbi in the bible. Jesus is a great teacher, an expounder of the word of God. He taught with great depths that people marveled at the kind of Knowledge He had. Mark 1:22

I took time out to explain these roles Jesus played. Jesus could function in any role required at any given time. Jesus is the perfect hybrid, He also performed miracles, signs and wonders, healings, etc. All of these are made possible by the one and only Holy Spirit. Acts 10:38. The same Holy Spirit lives in us today, So why do we limit Him with our religious mentality?

Jesus was also a Carpenter in His time. Yet still operated all the roles above. This is the dimension God is introducing to this generation. A generation of Kings that are Priests. 1 Peter 2:9 TPT
God is calling us into a higher realm and dimension where we can be operating as a *PERFECT HYBRIDS* just as Jesus did. Even as Career people, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, governors, scientists, engineers, accountants, etc we can still be operating in these Divine roles.

Finally, one thing is required to be a PERFECT Hybrid. *ONE THING* only!
become *” A LOVER”.* of God.

Word for meditation
1 Corinthians 2:9

Father in Heaven, We want to be lovers and not just believers. We are fully committed to You and Your agenda, grant us the grace to carry out every task You require of us even as we pursue our life goals and dreams. Make us Perfect Hybrids Amen ?

Listen to this song by Paul Wilbur
“Let the weight of Your Glory Fall”

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