The Mystery of Brokenness

Brokenness is the humility of spirit. Brokenness is the state of our heart. We can pretend to love, to pray, to worship, to preach, to teach etc. but we can’t pretend to be broken. Genuine brokenness is a spiritual principle, mechanism, mystery and intelligence hidden from many.

Hidden From sinners – because they believe they do not need Christ. Especially the wealthy ones.

Hidden from new converts – Because they believe all that is required for a believer is salvation, nothing else matters to them. Intimacy with Christ and Spiritual growth is not essential to them.

Hidden from Christians, believers, pastors, men & women of God – Because they believe they have seen all of God and there is nothing more to discover about Him. In essence, they are not able to fulfil their full potential in Christ.

Nothing draws God closer to a person than walking in love and being genuinely broken. Not prayers, works or service in the church, not sermons to others etc. all very good things that history and experience have taught us these activities above still won’t guarantee us being able to attract God’s Manifested Presence. The real crux (heartbeat) of intimacy with God is genuine brokenness. Being broken is like a Heavenly magnet; It draws the host of heaven to you. Genuine brokenness is a spiritual mystery used in attracting an intense atmosphere of God’s Presence.

David was a murderer and an unrepentant adulterer (Till God exposed him). YET…

  1. God said, “David is a man after My Heart” Acts 13:22.

  2. Jesus was called the Son of David. Luke 18:38.

  3. The reign of David first introduced the end time King-Priest template of the dominion of Christ.

Brethren, this is the mystery and intelligence of



Brokenness is the total and complete dependence on God for our existence. This is the highest form of intimacy with God The Father.

Word for meditation

Psalm 51:17-19 “The fountain of your pleasure is found in the sacrifice of my broken heart before you. You will not despise my tenderness as I humbly bow down at your feet in complete surrender.”


Father in Heaven, I come before You in Humility all the days of my life. Show me your tender mercies and loving-kindness as I come before you with a contrite heart. Amen

Listen to this song “No Higher Calling” by Jonathan Butler

? Down at Your feet, Oh Lord is the most High place.

In Your Presence Lord, We seek Your Face. There is no higher calling

No greater honour than to bow and kneel before Your Throne ?

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