The Mind

It’s theoretically proven and practically experimental that this mind of yours, this engine called the brain is capable of doing all things it sets itself to do, so sophisticated with interconnected cells wired at a very high processing state.

Great inventions today were developed by great minds and great thinkers.

The mind of a man is his greatest weapon – unbreakable, deceitful and curious. We all are where we are today because of the decision of the heart the ones who precedes us has taken, be it good or Evil. In Jeremiah 17:9 ASV it says the heart is deceitful above all things. All things meaning everything you can imagine. If it’s that powerful negatively in one direction, don’t you also think that it can be shifted to focusing on doing something much more powerful?
In a nutshell, while you are still getting set to kick start your 2021, configure your mind and your heart to accomplish greatness, draw out plans and focus your mind towards it.

You can aim for what seems impossible but believe me as long as you think it you would be it. Proverb 23:7

I decree and declare that today marks the end of short sightedness, of dreams and visions. My mind would be a useful tool for greater human accomplishment and Kingdom strategic advancement.

I ask that your spirit should fill me up with ideas and solutions that Noble men seek. Amen.

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