Image Bearers

Image Bearers

Speak in unknown tongues before you read this to fully grasp the weight of this message Knowing God is in stages or dimensions. Knowing Him is a gradual process. As new believers, God doesn’t immediately show us the full picture of our salvation. God likes to work in stages and processes for example; It took […]


It is so amazing how you think you know someone, in reality, you don’t know anything about that person. It isn’t about your deduction about someone based on some facts you were able to gather about that person, but having had some level of relationship with the person and you still find yourself knowing nothing. […]

The Mind

It’s theoretically proven and practically experimental that this mind of yours, this engine called the brain is capable of doing all things it sets itself to do, so sophisticated with interconnected cells wired at a very high processing state. Great inventions today were developed by great minds and great thinkers. The mind of a man […]