Persistency in Prayer

Luke 18:1-8

What is persistency?
It means an indefinite continuous process on something. OR not giving up on someone or something.

Prayer as we know is a spiritual act of communication. Communicating with our heavenly Father; pouring out our heart to Him either in thanksgiving and supplication.
The above text was the scenario of an unjust judge and a persistent widow. The widow came to the judge because she knows, and she has the faith that the judge will help her. It was this faith that aroused her to keep asking and not giving up on her request. And her persistency made the judge answer her request, though it took him a long time.
How much more God, our Father?

Jesus admonished us to pray without being discouraged; we should not faint nor give up. There are times we pray and make a request, but we don’t get it at the moment; we are not to give up but to press on. We are to have that persistent faith and never be discouraged. We know who we are in Christ, and we know our right in the Kingdom, therefore let’s make our request in faith.
There are some things we will ask from God, and He(God) knows such a thing should not be in our possession at the moment; this could make him delay answers to our prayer. Also, our motive of asking can make God either answer our prayers or not. A wrong motive brings delay to answered prayers.
Now check within yourself, that thing you are asking from God, is it the right thing to ask at the moment? What is your motive for asking?

And to you who is yet to find Christ, know that it’s in Christ you can have complete satisfaction. The world won’t give you peace, joy, or satisfaction, but you can find all these and more in Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Dear Father, help me not to give up in prayer

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