Mr Flesh The Worst Enemy

We all grew up knowing the devil as an enemy, we credit him for all misfortunes and pitfalls of Life but beloved there is a worst enemy that is obscure and that is Mr. Flesh.

Mr. Flesh is an enemy that destroys believers even after their transition to the Kingdom of Light. Remember the Isrealites crossed the Red Sea which is symbolic of the Christian transition from death to Life, but only two of those that crossed the sea entered the promise Land because of Mr. Flesh. All of them perished in the wilderness because they were yoked to the land of bondage (Egypt) in their soul.

Beloved you can never come to the promise Land (Rest) except Mr. Flesh is dealt with. The devil is not threatened by your salvation when Mr. Flesh is still running your life. Pharoah may be destroyed in the sea, while you perish in the wilderness.

How can I get rid of Mr. Flesh
Here is the big question, but before we glean on scripture for an answer it is important we know that the devil can be resisted but Mr. Flesh cannot, the devil can be casted out but you cannot cast out Mr. Flesh, but praise God there is something we can do with him.. Crucify him! How? By the Spirit of God. Romans 8:13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. You remember Joshua and Caleb entered the promise Land because they had a different spirit (Num.14:24). Obedience to the Spirit takes our flesh through a painful but yet gainful path of crucifixion where our mind, emotions and will is purified and conformed to Christ. Yield to Him now!!

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