Text: John 8:31-36.

“If the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”. John 8:36. A lot of people go to unbelievable and unimaginable places seeking for solutions to their numerous problems and challenges, but all to no avail. Some people even go to the devil to find freedom. How can you seek freedom from an entity in bondage?.

It is often said that you cannot give what you don’t have. This is very true, and that is why you need to run to Jesus for all of your needs. There is no question in your life that he doesn’t have an answer to. What God cannot do does not exist, there is no problem he cannot solve, no sickness he cannot heal and no negative report that he cannot overturn. There is no pit dug for you that he cannot close, neither is there any weapon fashioned against you that he cannot raise a standard against.

Beloved, it’s only in Jesus that you can have true freedom. If you trust want to be free, you need to become a disciple of his. A disciple of Jesus is a follower of his person and principles. There are many people who go to church and deliverance meetings who are not disciples of Jesus. They are just among the multitudes who are interested in his miracles and blessings, and yet have no interest in making him their personal Lord and savior. Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a personal decision wherein an individual has to make up his mind to respond to the love of God. It is accepting to be on the Lord’s side. It is a deliberate intention to pay close attention to the word of God and allowing your life to be guided by it. This is the only way your freedom can be guaranteed. Over and over again you hear in adverts that tobaco smoking is dangerous to health, yet some people have remained under it’s bondage. Even some medical doctors, who know the serious negative effects of smoking, cannot help themselves from the bondage of this habit. Today, there shall be an end to every habit that’s injurious to your life in Jesus name. Surrender to Christ totally. Only after doing this will you enjoy total freedom from all bondage of strange voices, satanic oppression, obsession, suppression and depression. He is the only truth that can set you free. Once you are set free in Jesus, you can to abide in him, no one can put you back in bondage again. An end has come to all the works of the devil in your life. Now is the dawn of a new beginning. No matter how much you have been afflicted by the agents of hell, your freedom had finally come in Jesus name.

Prayer: Thank you father for the victory you have given me through Christ Jesus.

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