Get Up

The ant is a good example to learn from. They gather up their food in summer to get ready for winter. They know when it’s winter, they won’t be able to come out. A lesson I learnt from the ants is; they are not lazy, neither do they procrastinate.

Bringing this to our lives as Christians, we should always do the work for God while it’s day and never get tired, for we will reap the labor of our hands. The scripture says “the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few”. Let’s wake up to our responsibility.
My grandpa once told me “I wish I could go back to my youthful days, I would have served God wholeheartedly and give Him my whole life”. I ponder on that statement often times, and it encourages me to use my youthful days for God forever because a time is coming, when we won’t be very strong again.

However, this also applies to our day to day activities.. We should not be lazy nor procrastinate what we have to do now. The scripture says “Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord”. We are to get our hands on a work and do it with all seriousness.

Another lesson from the ant is that they walk in team not separately. The scripture says “iron sharpeneth iron”. We are to walk with people of like minds, this can make us achieve great results as well. So when one is falling, the other will help him up.

Also, salvation is not to be postponed, because tomorrow might just be too late. If you are yet to accept Christ, please accept Him now while it is day.

Confession: I receive the strength to do the right thing I’m to do at the right time.

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