Faith vs Believing

Wow look at verse two! Heb.11.2 – For by it the elders obtained a good report. God used the same principle and what was the result? The universe! The elders used the same principle and what was the result? They turned the world for good! How come you are still the way you are? How come you are still waiting for a special program where a man of God will put his hand on your head and prophesy? Wake up to this reality of life! Use what you have, use what God gave you when you believed. A lot of believers still mistake faith for believe! They call believe faith, but we don’t live by believing we live by faith. Believing is seeing, but faith is having (I already got it) Faith is not believing, faith is not hoping, faith is not being positive, faith is not expecting good result or being optimistic! Faith is a revelation! Faith is a law! Faith is knowing that you know that you know you have it made (glory) faith is doing (speaking, actions) Gods word. Faith is a solution! All things are possible to him that believes. Why all things possible to him that believe? Because faith is a solution! Once you believe you receive it. Faith is responding to Gods word. With your heart and with your mouth! A believer always get.
If you believe you get, stop believing start using what you’ve got and obtain good report! A man that believes might need healing because he is still believing (expecting) man of faith does not need healing because he knows he can’t be sick due to what he has.

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