Proverbs 12:25. Depression is a feeling that weighs one down through past actions or anxiety.
I call depression an emotional sickness that affects both the spiritual and physical parts of a man.
Many lives out there are suffering from this terrible sickness called depression. Sometimes, we hear people say – “I’m not just feeling happy,” but the truth is something must have triggered that feeling.
Worry and disappointment birth depression and worry is meditating on the wrong or negative things.

Depression deprives someone of happiness, joy, peace, and strength. The Devil rejoices when we let our worries rule over us and weigh us down. His mission is to steal, kill, and destroy. So, will you let the Devil take away your happiness?

The good news is there is an antidote for depression, which is the word of God. The above text says – “Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad (KJV).” The good word is the word of God.
When we expose ourselves to God’s word, it will expose us to godly thinking, and godly thinking will expose us to godly emotion (C. Dollar).

Therefore, we are to be a friend of the word of God, so we can heal our heart with God’s word whenever we feel troubled.
Just as His word says “Cast all your cares and burden (anxiety, trouble, pain, worries) upon me, and I will give you rest(peace of mind).” When sorrow comes, turn to God and He will deliver you from despair.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to keep trusting you and to stay happy at all times. Please do not let the devil steal away my joy.

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