A Life On A Mission

Jesus is key to this mission because it is through Him; we are granted access to take part in this.

The mission of God is to restore humanity to Himself (the reason he sent Jesus), and His call to us as His children is to take part in the mission. It is a mission that has been at play for thousands of years and continues today.

A Life on mission isn’t a task; instead, it’s a lifestyle and a commitment we embrace when we accept Jesus. Sometimes it looks grand and other days it looks grubby. Life on a mission might seem to be a hefty task, though sometimes it is, you are never called to do this alone.  Some days it is done with others, and some days it is done alone, but it is never done without the Holy Spirit.

When we live and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be made new with His joy and peace deep down in our soul. This new life of peace and joy is ours as we choose to live a Spirit-filled life. The Holy Spirit is there to always strengthens us for what lies ahead as we trust and obey Him completely. The Holy Spirit listens, loves, and cares for everyone.

The Holy Spirit is calling you to be enriched in every way as you seek His way Today!

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